Body art as an effective therapy for the body and the mind

Body art as an effective therapy for the body and the mind. Art is known as the expression of one’s creativity and perspective. It helps differentiate the concept behind what’s real and what is surreal. It is one’s application of skill and creativity that constantly evolves and crosses the boundaries of human innovation and expression. Are is always defined in its broadest form as a means to challenge the mind by representing, oftentimes, visual perspective and how an artist sees it. There are a lot of forms of art expressions today and it can be found in paintings, drawings, music, writing, stage plays and a whole lot more. But one form of art is slowly catching on as one of the revolutionary art expressions today and it is called body art.

What is body art?

When you talk about painting, you often get to assume it as an art form where the artist or painter uses a canvas to paint or express his or her ideas through visual representations. It could be a landscape, a human subject, still life, etc. Body art on the other hand, makes use of the human body as the canvass for the painting or the art rendering. Also called body painting, body art traces its roots back in ancient history, where tribal ancestors use art on their bodies as symbols representing their identities.

Body art as a form of communication

Tribal communities back then had no effective form of spoken communication and used symbols of living and nonliving things in their surroundings to convey their thoughts with one another. They learned to develop effective communication methods by pointing to an item to stress an idea or a point. One may point to a body of water if he becomes thirsty or point at a tree or a cave to convey shelter or an animal if they wanted food. But as convenience would have it, it later evolved into painted symbol on cave walls to tell a story or paintings on their bodies, because it would really be inconvenient to carry around a big rock or a ferocious animal for them to interact with another.One of them soon noticed that etching images onto their skin could help them carry common symbols for messages that they often use to communicate and so began the existence of body art.

Body art as an effective means of self-expression

Body art or body painting has taken the art world by storm, not just because of body tattooes, but more on visual aesthetics on art appreciation. Using the body as a canvass, many artists begin to use the body as an effective means of expressing their art work, claiming that it is a living canvass that helps them tell their stories.They express their ideas using the human body as their medium. Whether they are using hypoallergenic paints, tattoo inks, or any other medium, the public has come to appreciate body art in all of its various forms.But as the world goes, art appreciation is not a one way street. There are people who adore body art, but there are those who do not approve of it. But all the same, everyone needs to respect each one’s preferences. After all,

The different kinds of body art

Tattooing – This is generally one of the most popular form of body art. It traces its history back in ancient times and is often associated with tribal or communal rituals of old. It has often been used to represent several practices from people all over the world. Some communities use it as a rite of passage into manhood or womanhood. Some Asian indigenous tribes use tattooing to introduce young men or women from the tribe as a sign of maturity or acceptance as an adult. Other communities use it to symbolize a marriage or a bond that ties them together. It is also used as a branding symbol for a certain tribe or community.

Body painting – This is a more modern take on body art, where the artist uses the body as a canvas. Art media used are often hypoallergenic body paint. Unlike traditional canvasses for body paintings, it is only temporary. Body art can only last for a brief period of time, especially when using body paint because it washes away easily. Body piercing – This is a more bizarre yet has cultural undertones that make it an accepted practice in some cultures. Western influence due to conquests of old brought it to where it is now today. These are represented by piercing on their bodies and placing jewelry specially made for body piercing. Body piercing jewelry can often be found in tattoo shops with a wide variety of jewelry items to choose from. So whether it symbolizes a cultural group or simply just as form of art expression, body art is here to stay.

Things you should consider before getting a tattoo

Many people nowadays find tattoos as body art that serves as their artistic expression of their views or simply just adornments that they find attractive and impressive.

Design your own tattoo

Designing your own tattoo need not be difficult, in fact, it really depends on what you want or what you envision it to be.Many people would say that tattoo art can be really simple, however,there are certain conditions that you may need to consider which may help you a lot in making your decision.

The benefits of body art training

Body art training incorporates the elements of bodyweight training and a combination of several fitness training disciplines rolled into one fitness package.Recently recognized for being the ‘best training concept’ by world-renowned ECA World Fitness,

The healthy practice of body art yoga

Body art yoga incorporates the health conditioning qualities of yoga exercises and the aesthetic properties of art all rolled into one delightful and healthful package. Yoga is a practice that originated in ancient India where it espouses the combined disciplines of spiritual,

How to take care of pierced ears

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